Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pretty Little Things

What is it about those folks from England that delight me so? I discovered the beautiful world of Cath Kidston in 2008. Where had I been living? Under a rock? Somehow they have assembled in their lovely catalog everything my heart desires! Lovely aprons, the sweetest fabric and dishes to die for! They also carry dresses for little girls that would make you weep! Their spring line is out now. Follow the link below to their website. Everything they do makes me smile!


Becky said...

I was looking for small farm blogs and came across yours. Our stories are so similar. We bought our lovely little red farm house last March after many years of waiting and hoping. For now we have 2 horses, (also a life long dream),and lovely big perennial garden. We live in Michigan, so it's just now starting to show signs of spring. Now that we've been here a year and learned some things, we can't wait for the better weather to get outside! I'll look forward to following your story. Thanks for sharing it.


Porch Days said...

I took a quick peek at the catalog and loved what I saw! Having just finished reading a novel by Marcia Willett, "A Week in Winter," the china looked exactly as I imagined in the story as they forever "put the kettle on" and had a cup of tea.