Sunday, March 8, 2009

People let me tell you about my Best Friend: Jane Austen and Crackerjack.

The first animals that came to live on Rose Hill Farm were donkeys. We knew that we wanted to have sheep and that donkeys were the perfect guardians. On the drive to work I would pass a small farm that had at least 15 different donkeys grazing in the pasture every day. They were adorable; all sizes and colors. I knew that when the time came I would want to get my donkeys from these people. Their driveway sign-post read "Donkey Acres." I couldn't help but think, "Now these people are serious donkey lovers!"

Several times at random I would drive up to their house to introduce myself. My family (in the car with me) thought this was MORTIFYING! "Mom, you can't just drive up there and knock on the door!"...I replied, "Why not?"

The first two times that I tried no one was home but on the 3rd time I met Mr. Johnson. He was very friendly. The donkeys were his wife's domain, he informed me. She had been thinking about reducing their donkey herd and he took my name and number.

Just one week later I received the phone call. We could come at any time and take a look. We would be welcome to any two from the herd.

How fun it was on the drive there. I was smugly satisfied and had to tell my family, "See, if you take a chance you can WIN two wonderful donkeys!"

Jane Austen and Crackerjack stood out from all the rest. Mostly because they moved almost in unison. They were the "best of buddies" Mrs. Johnson told me. They were "inseparable". They were also extremely personable and loved attention. We shook hands and paid in full that day.

They were such a wise choice for our first animals. Donkeys are extremely low maintenance. They just want water, pasture and love. When we come home they "bray" a welcome every time. They love to be scratched and groomed. Their personalities are "silly" and they are quite the comedians in the pasture.

Before they came home I had read many books on Donkeys and one quote really stuck with me..."Donkeys, Love that money can buy!"

So true! Meet Jane Austen and Crackerjack: best friends and first four-legged residents of Rose Hill Farm.

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jenn said...

they are very cute! but do they really guard the sheep? or does king dontae do that?!?!

Porch Days said...

I would love to know what program you use to make your lovely photo mosaics. So nice!