Friday, March 6, 2009

Dead Things and Pot Roast

The Guilty Party

Tonight is my only night at home this week. March is geared up to be a busy month for all of us. I wanted to make a nice dinner for my family and if I'm honest...for me too. I had everything for a wonderful pot-roast. I had dreams of a cool winter night and that great feeling of warm food inside.Yeah right! Mother Nature decided to mess with my karma, and it's almost 60 degrees outside. Whatever Mother Nature! Then come to find out....everyone is busy tonight...and no one will be home. (*&#%@) Michael is at the high-school selling tickets to a sporting event. (A teacher thing) I have a meeting at St. George with Katie Rose at 7 P.M. for First Holy Communion (also mandatory) which I had forgotten about. Goody is busy working on a paper for school....Nice dinner...and NO ONE will be here to eat it. Arrghhhhh! I'm just going to list it asap on Craig's List....LOOK!!! make some quick cash..$$$


Loving Wife and Mother makes HOME COOKED MEAL FOR UNGRATEFUL FAMILY....their loss could be your GAIN! $50.00/obo Will deliver within 1 hour radius. Make offer $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I just let all the dogs in from their gay-evening romp around the farm. I wanted to be sure they were all in the house since everyone was leaving for their evening activities. As I run around trying to find acceptable outfits for everyone, the stress level begins to rise. Fun times on the farm! (Not this farm!) At least the kitchen "smells" good I thought.....until Goody said, "Uhmm mom what's that smell?" I reply, "What smell?".....And then it hits me....IT'S AWFUL! And I notice that Gracie's paws are bloody. No, not from injury, but from some BIRD mauling event that must have recently taken place outside and very recently. She looked proud. And she had bits of feathers on her....and the odor. omg! Katie Rose walked in, "Mom......our house stinks..."...."Oh really?" (my voice dripping with scarcasm and frustration....) "Stinks like what?".....Katie pauses as if to consider...."Mom... it's like DEAD THINGS AND POT ROAST".....Goody and I had to fall out laughing. Next time........I'll just make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and call it a night...!!!!!

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TheBMillers said...

And here I thought the dog was going to eat the pot roast.. LOL