Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pretty Little Things

What is it about those folks from England that delight me so? I discovered the beautiful world of Cath Kidston in 2008. Where had I been living? Under a rock? Somehow they have assembled in their lovely catalog everything my heart desires! Lovely aprons, the sweetest fabric and dishes to die for! They also carry dresses for little girls that would make you weep! Their spring line is out now. Follow the link below to their website. Everything they do makes me smile!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Equine Rescue Rose Hill Farm 2008

During the summer of 2008 we resonded to an e-mail from a friend in crisis. She was losing her farm and had 3 days to find a temporary home for her 11 horses. She was also hoping to find "forever" homes for some of them. After much discussion, we decided we would be able to host three and possibly keep one. We invitied our friend to tour the farm. With only one small pasture fenced, we thought it was all we could offer.

She came the same night and was so desperate. She told us with just some fencing work we would be able to host them all in the bigger pasture. How could we say no?

The day they all arrived was so exciting. Horse after horse unloaded to lush green pasture. Two of the horses had small foals and they were a delight to watch.

We learned a lot during their stay with us. How easy it is to help someone in need. How glad we were to be able to do so. How we could transport water to the larger pasture with a handy tank.
Of all the horses that stayed with us "Dreaming in Black" aka "Chris" found his forever home. He is truely my dream horse: an Appaloosa, black with white spots. Simply magestic.

He now shares the pasture with two equine friends. Dante (the Clydesdale that belongs to my daughter) and Rain (the Paint that belongs to Katie Rose). The three of them have become the best of friends.

There are many books available on Equine Rescue and I think I own them all. If we had more pasture I would very much like this to become a permanent way for us to "give back". There are many older equines that could enjoy their "senior" years with us. Retraining racehorses is another "cause" that I am passionate about. See link below for more information. There is one really informative book about what happens to racehorses when they are not suited for the track. It is After the Finish Line: The Race to End Horse Slaughter in America, by Bill Heller.

Although we aren't ready yet for more of a committment due to lack of space, we hope to buy more pasture next year and add to Rose Hill Farm. If this dream becomes a reality then I hope to always host a few "equines in need".
We have more than enough love for them; we just need more room!

Monday, March 9, 2009

"My Girl"...Katie Rose of Rose Hill Farm

Kathleen Rose is the baby of Rose Hill Farm. The last of our children and an unexpected gift from God. I treasure every moment with her. In a way Rose Hill Farm is my gift to her. A childhood with open spaces to explore, teaming with life and adventures. She recently turned eight-years-old this February, and I wish I could freeze time because it seems to be going by too fast. She thinks of herself as a true-blue farm girl. There is a rock in the small pasture at the top of the hill where we stand together and spread our arms and ask "Who's the queen of this fair farm?" and Katie Rose replys, "It's me! It's me! I'm the Queen of the Farm" This tradition we have, just between us, makes me so happy. These photographs are just a few of the moments that I've captured of her on Rose Hill Farm. I know I'll be able to share many more with you.Posted by Picasa

Country Living Magazine British Edition

Many things inspire me and no magazine does the job like Country Living Magazine UK edition. I first stumbled across the magazine in Borders. I fell in love instantly! Because a subscription from the UK is pricey $$ (last check $70.00 from Amazon) I make the pilgrimage once a month to Borders bookstore to feed my UK addiction. There is something so special about this magazine. It touches my SOUL! The British so love their gardens, small farms, and horses. I feel a close kinship with them. I highly recommend this magazine to everyone who aspires to live in the country. If you have to make that special trip to Borders ...well would that be so hard? lol Books stores themselves are a source of inspiration to the farm girl in all of us.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 8, 2009

People let me tell you about my Best Friend: Jane Austen and Crackerjack.

The first animals that came to live on Rose Hill Farm were donkeys. We knew that we wanted to have sheep and that donkeys were the perfect guardians. On the drive to work I would pass a small farm that had at least 15 different donkeys grazing in the pasture every day. They were adorable; all sizes and colors. I knew that when the time came I would want to get my donkeys from these people. Their driveway sign-post read "Donkey Acres." I couldn't help but think, "Now these people are serious donkey lovers!"

Several times at random I would drive up to their house to introduce myself. My family (in the car with me) thought this was MORTIFYING! "Mom, you can't just drive up there and knock on the door!"...I replied, "Why not?"

The first two times that I tried no one was home but on the 3rd time I met Mr. Johnson. He was very friendly. The donkeys were his wife's domain, he informed me. She had been thinking about reducing their donkey herd and he took my name and number.

Just one week later I received the phone call. We could come at any time and take a look. We would be welcome to any two from the herd.

How fun it was on the drive there. I was smugly satisfied and had to tell my family, "See, if you take a chance you can WIN two wonderful donkeys!"

Jane Austen and Crackerjack stood out from all the rest. Mostly because they moved almost in unison. They were the "best of buddies" Mrs. Johnson told me. They were "inseparable". They were also extremely personable and loved attention. We shook hands and paid in full that day.

They were such a wise choice for our first animals. Donkeys are extremely low maintenance. They just want water, pasture and love. When we come home they "bray" a welcome every time. They love to be scratched and groomed. Their personalities are "silly" and they are quite the comedians in the pasture.

Before they came home I had read many books on Donkeys and one quote really stuck with me..."Donkeys, Love that money can buy!"

So true! Meet Jane Austen and Crackerjack: best friends and first four-legged residents of Rose Hill Farm.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Dead Things and Pot Roast

The Guilty Party

Tonight is my only night at home this week. March is geared up to be a busy month for all of us. I wanted to make a nice dinner for my family and if I'm honest...for me too. I had everything for a wonderful pot-roast. I had dreams of a cool winter night and that great feeling of warm food inside.Yeah right! Mother Nature decided to mess with my karma, and it's almost 60 degrees outside. Whatever Mother Nature! Then come to find out....everyone is busy tonight...and no one will be home. (*&#%@) Michael is at the high-school selling tickets to a sporting event. (A teacher thing) I have a meeting at St. George with Katie Rose at 7 P.M. for First Holy Communion (also mandatory) which I had forgotten about. Goody is busy working on a paper for school....Nice dinner...and NO ONE will be here to eat it. Arrghhhhh! I'm just going to list it asap on Craig's List....LOOK!!! make some quick cash..$$$


Loving Wife and Mother makes HOME COOKED MEAL FOR UNGRATEFUL FAMILY....their loss could be your GAIN! $50.00/obo Will deliver within 1 hour radius. Make offer $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I just let all the dogs in from their gay-evening romp around the farm. I wanted to be sure they were all in the house since everyone was leaving for their evening activities. As I run around trying to find acceptable outfits for everyone, the stress level begins to rise. Fun times on the farm! (Not this farm!) At least the kitchen "smells" good I thought.....until Goody said, "Uhmm mom what's that smell?" I reply, "What smell?".....And then it hits me....IT'S AWFUL! And I notice that Gracie's paws are bloody. No, not from injury, but from some BIRD mauling event that must have recently taken place outside and very recently. She looked proud. And she had bits of feathers on her....and the odor. omg! Katie Rose walked in, "Mom......our house stinks..."...."Oh really?" (my voice dripping with scarcasm and frustration....) "Stinks like what?".....Katie pauses as if to consider...."Mom... it's like DEAD THINGS AND POT ROAST".....Goody and I had to fall out laughing. Next time........I'll just make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and call it a night...!!!!!