Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Equine Rescue Rose Hill Farm 2008

During the summer of 2008 we resonded to an e-mail from a friend in crisis. She was losing her farm and had 3 days to find a temporary home for her 11 horses. She was also hoping to find "forever" homes for some of them. After much discussion, we decided we would be able to host three and possibly keep one. We invitied our friend to tour the farm. With only one small pasture fenced, we thought it was all we could offer.

She came the same night and was so desperate. She told us with just some fencing work we would be able to host them all in the bigger pasture. How could we say no?

The day they all arrived was so exciting. Horse after horse unloaded to lush green pasture. Two of the horses had small foals and they were a delight to watch.

We learned a lot during their stay with us. How easy it is to help someone in need. How glad we were to be able to do so. How we could transport water to the larger pasture with a handy tank.
Of all the horses that stayed with us "Dreaming in Black" aka "Chris" found his forever home. He is truely my dream horse: an Appaloosa, black with white spots. Simply magestic.

He now shares the pasture with two equine friends. Dante (the Clydesdale that belongs to my daughter) and Rain (the Paint that belongs to Katie Rose). The three of them have become the best of friends.

There are many books available on Equine Rescue and I think I own them all. If we had more pasture I would very much like this to become a permanent way for us to "give back". There are many older equines that could enjoy their "senior" years with us. Retraining racehorses is another "cause" that I am passionate about. See link below for more information. There is one really informative book about what happens to racehorses when they are not suited for the track. It is After the Finish Line: The Race to End Horse Slaughter in America, by Bill Heller.

Although we aren't ready yet for more of a committment due to lack of space, we hope to buy more pasture next year and add to Rose Hill Farm. If this dream becomes a reality then I hope to always host a few "equines in need".
We have more than enough love for them; we just need more room!


jenn said...

youre liking this blogging thing! you post like a mad woman! i very much enjoy reading your posts....you are hilarious and a GREAT writer!....must be d/t that english teacher you live with! and my sis and i were wondering how you post your pics in a bundle like that...
peace n love
come check out my site...gots some florida pics on it!

sean said...

Can you help me? I have a pretty litle gelding in need of more tlc then I can give.

rose hill farm said...

Sean...Leave me a phone number or an email where I can get in touch with you about your filly.

sean said...

Phone number is 1-660-491-1115. Thanks.