Sunday, November 23, 2008

While waiting...

Reading about "life" on a farm was one very entertaining way to pass the time until we found a farm of our own. I don't think there is a book published that I did not track down, purchase and devour. My library is extensive. Five acres and Independence. You and Your Cow. Donkeys for Fun. Sheep and their illnesses; Tending Your Flock. lol.

If they wrote it....I would come. Amazon was especially happy to alert me 'via email should any new rural literature become available. I have it on good authority that I am one of their favorite customers.

My very small farm dream did not turn into reality right away. Not in five years, ten years or even twenty years. But reading became my "coping mechanism". A way to prepare for what I knew was to be. (Not to be right NOW exactly but in that fuzzy, blurry and distant-y place somewhere in the future) Over time I became a "self educated" expert in many aspects of country living..How to distinguish hay from straw...Where your apple orchard would most prospere...How to de-worm a sheep and WHEN! In my heart I knew these bits of information, applied layer upon layer would be useful. I was laying the ground work for what I knew would be my life's work.

To find a place to belong and to love. Fill it with flowering dogwood trees, vegetables and perennials. Surround myself with animals to care for who would give back ten times more than they were given.

Enter....Rose Hill Farm where I have come home and my heart is just singing! "At last!" "At last!"

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jenn said...

woo hoo jule! dreams do come true!welcome to blog world! i am so excited to FINALLY see you here! peace and love